WAZOZO is Helen Gillet's french song project.  It began in 2006 as a duo with violinist Daron Douglas and soon grew to a string quartet with acoustic guitar and harp.  Wazozo now includes drums and horns and covers songs by Georges Brassens, Jacques Brel, Julos Beaucarne, Edith Piaf, Camille and many other french chansons including some originals my Gillet.  Oh...and one Hungarian folk song!



Les Pagodes - (written by Helen Gillet)

The Other Instrument Band


This Project honors all the nominees of the Offbeat Magazine's Best of the Beat Awards that happen to fall into the best "other" instrument category.  Why compete against a cora player when you can be in a band with one?  The category often included such strange and rare instruments as the banjo, vibraphone, harp, theramin and CELLO!! But of course our "other instrument" heavy weight champion was hands down Washboard Chaz, who pretty much wins every year!  The band had an annual appearance at the local music festival named after our reigning Other Instrumentalist -- CHAZ FEST!

The Trust Ft Helen Gillet - Sandunes

In 2016 I went to India and collaborated with the wonderful artist Sandunes on this track.