Mar 242014


Stories from the Belgian Country Side by Helen Gillet

Poetry and Music of Julos BEAUCARNE, Georges Brassens, Edith Piaf and more.

Live Soundtrack “Images D’Ostende” by Belgian Surrealist Film maker Henri Storck

Arrangements of French popular song from the 1940′s to present day by Helen Gillet (cello, vocals, loop pedal and effects) with Doug Garrison(drums); Jon Gross (sousaphone), Rex Gregory (flute, saxophone, melodica), Daron Douglas (violin).


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Jan 212014
Tour Dates Feb 18th – March 15th, 2014
Feb 18th         Furstwurld • Joshua Tree, CA  • 8pm • $10 • w/ Myshkin
Feb 20th         House Concert • Ballard, CA **
Feb 21st          Fifth St. Farms • 1517 Fifth Street • Berkeley, CA • 7pm $15
Feb 22nd         ”Haba na Haba” • 1936 Thousand Oaks Blvd. • Berkeley, CA • 8pm ** $20
Feb 24th         Red Room • Corvallis, OR • 7pm
Feb 25th         String Theory Music • 1291 Wall St.  • Bend, OR • Workshop in looping cello • 6pm
Feb 26th         String Theory Music • 1291 Wall St. • Bend, OR • Concert • 7pm $15
Feb 27th         Magnolia’s Corner  • 4075 NE Sandy Blvd. • Portland, OR • 6pm
Feb 28th         Royal Room • Seattle, WA • w/ Skerik (sax), Wayne Horvitz (keys),
                            Evan Flory-Barnes (upright bass), Dvonne Lewis (drums) • 9pm $10
March 1st      China Cloud • Vancouver, BC • TRIO w/ Gordon Grdina (oud/guitar) and
                            Kenton Loewen (drums) 10pm $10
March 2nd    Boomers • Gibsons, BC • 8pm $15
March 3rd     China Cloud • Vancouver, BC • 9pm $10
March 8th     Denver Public Library • Denver, CO • 2pm
March 8th     760 Gaylord St. • House concert • Denver • 7pm **
March 9th     Laughing Goat • Boulder, CO • 9pm ONE HOUR SET ONLY! $10
March 10th   Currier Inn • Greeley, CO • w. Ian Cooke (solo) 7:30pm  $25
March 14th   The Brick Bar • Kansas City, MO • 9pm  $10
March 15th   Grunauer w/ Mark Southerland SNUFF JAZZ • Kansas City, MO • 7pm
** House concert venues:  For locations please email
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Jan 082014

 Downbeat Magazine – January 2014


Gillet Singleton Duo




It’s rare that an album changes one’s perception of what is possible in music; this is such an album. Recorded during two improvised sessions last March inside a 19th century church-turned-opera house in New Orleans, the Gillet Singleton Duo brings together two keystones of the city’s progressive contemporary music scene: the muscular and deeply groove-driven bassist James Singleton and cellist Helen Gillet, whose musical inclinations range from French chansons to experimental jazz to classical Indian ragas. Though their first duo recording features instruments of the same family, Gillet and Singleton incite in one another such combustible sparks of creativity that Ferdinand feels more like the work of 12 musicians than two.

The opener, “Heavy Western,” features a looped concert of Gillet’s soulful bowing, over which she plucks an additional melodic line while tapping, stomping and slapping a beat out with her hands on the body of her instrument and her heels on the church floor. Quickly picking up on the improvi- sation’s direction, Singleton skids into the fray with a series of jittery bowed phrases before the tension yields to a dynamic climax, landing, finally, at the bottom of the song’s scale. “Bow Creek” dispenses with any traditional concept of what a stringed instrument should sound like, as cello and bass harmonize to create the sound of wood stretching to the point of rupture. The effect yields a beauty not unlike that of their makeshift studio’s arched yet crumbling ceiling: a song for the space itself. Brimming with risk-induced energy and eschewing all manner of technical limitations, Ferdinand plays like an ode to the joy of exploration. —Jennifer Odell

Ferdinand: Heavy Western; Tangoid; Ferdinand; Wabash; Bow Creek; Green Shoes; Birimboo; Top Of TheFriendChain;Mission;Messiaen;IntheHills;Lamentico; SometimesKnows;TheOneTwoSeven Stompers. (46:50) Personnel: Helen Gillet, cello, effects; James Singleton, bass, effects, pocket trumpet.

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Nov 212013


yes we can DBA

             Helen Gillet, solo show


                    TUESDAY NOVEMBER 26th 7pm

                  Live at the Rockwood Music Hall 

                              196 Allen Street, NYC





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Oct 052013

Thanks for a GREAT DEBUT TOUR of Ferdinand!!   James and I had a blast!

YOU CAN BUY this album

by visiting my MUSIC STORE


We will ship it to you with love and thanks!


OUR NEXT LIVE SHOW will be in New Orleans

Monday, October 28th, 2013 at the BLUE NILE 11pm



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Sep 122013
Helen Gillet, cello James Singleton, bass

Helen Gillet, cello
James Singleton, bass

September 19th, 2013
OGDEN MUSEUM of Southern Art, New Orleans
$ 10

September 27th, 2013
The Brick Bar, Kansas City
$ 10

September 28th, 2013
Birdies, Kansas City
7pm Show; 8:30pm Artist Reception

September 29th, 2013
Filament theatre, Chicago

September 29th, 2013
Hungry Brain, Chicago

September 30th, 2013
Urbana, IL

October 4th, 2013
LIBRA Birthday bash – CD release party FERDINAND

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